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What next for MNCs in China?

Foreign CEOs talk of a China that is growing, but also growing in complexity

Silk Road Associates recently co-authored a report with KPMG examining the prospects for multinationals (MNCs) in China. The report includes interviews with 14 regional CEOs and other senior executives at some of the world's leading companies on China's commercial outlook.

Tapping Muslim markets

Most MNCs have a China or India strategy. But few have a strategy to tap the Muslim world.

Many companies overlook the opportunities of the Muslim world's 1.6 billion consumers. That's a pity given that scale of the opportunity. Selling to Muslim consumers is also about more than halal-compliant products. Even simple tweaks to marketing campaigns can achieve results.

Which China are we talking about?

Companies will need to take a more selective approach as they position for a China slowdown

Economists have reason to be bearish about China. But business owners and corporate executives equally have reason to be bullish as the country's best performing cities will continue to create compelling commercial opportunities. However, that will require an adjustment in strategy.

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