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Which China are we talking about?

Companies will need to take a more selective approach as they position for a China slowdown

Economists have reason to be bearish about China. But business owners and corporate executives equally have reason to be bullish as the country's best performing cities will continue to create compelling commercial opportunities. However, that will require an adjustment in strategy.

Protecting your IPR in Asia

IPR protection is about more litigation. Consumer education and market access are also critical

For many brand owners, fear of intellectual property rights (IPR) theft is a major concern when first entering Asia's markets. E-commerce has only complicated the challenges. But how companies educate and sell to their customers is critical to finding a sustainable solution.

China's forgotten sector

China’s agriculture sector kick-started reforms in the 1980s, but was then largely forgotten.

That’s a pity, as there are large productivity gains to be made there, not to mention profits. Private commercial farming is only just beginning but high profit-margins demonstrate that ‘know-how’ and land aggregation is critical, rather than the more usual overreliance on fertilizer and irrigation.

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