About us

Silk Road Associates provides data-driven strategic advisory to Fortune 500 multinationals and leading Asia-based companies, helping our clients stay competitive in Asia’s fast moving markets.

Our commercial analytics covers countries across Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, and tracks business activity in 500+ cities to help clients visualize their opportunities and risks across the region.

We provide bespoke data-rich solutions to size markets and identify new business opportunities, conduct due-diligence and feasibility studies, assess changes in supply-chains and trade patterns.

We tap our extensive specialist networks and employ field-research to supplement our data-driven insights, using a process developed over the past 20 years in Asia by our team of experts.

Our ability to rapidly assess complex market situations provides clients with unrivalled strategic insights, helping global boards to regional management teams gain a competitive edge in Asia.


Helping clients navigate Asia's growing but complex markets