Pakistan's industrial supply-chain

I spent time this week at the Umer Group’s textile and footwear factories outside Lahore, Pakistan. A leading industrial conglomerate, the group manufactures for a range of American and European brands. Umer Group’s business is illustrative of Pakistan’s often overlooked opportunities as a sourcing location. My four key thoughts:

1. Leading Chinese manufacturers are sourcing from the Umer Group, a decision that demonstrates growing supply-chain ties between China and Pakistan.

2. The company’s highly automated factories demonstrates that Pakistan is not just a low-labor cost opportunity; speed and quality are also key.

3. Bangladesh and Vietnam have captured a large share of garments & footwear production that has left China. But Pakistan is a growing opportunity.

4. Tyres, glass, and batteries, among a range of products will all present opportunities for Chinese companies in Pakistan, not just clothing & footwear.