China's tourism opportunities in ASEAN

Chinese firms acquired hotels in Australia, Japan, and the U.S. in 2016. But what about ASEAN?

Our flight analytics show that there are 45 Chinese cities with at least one daily flight to Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. Chinese tourism spending in those countries is a fast-growing commercial opportunity. That makes Chinese firms potential acquirers of ASEAN tourist assets.

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Shenzhen's business zones

The southern Chinese city of Shenzhen built more skyscrapers than the United States and Singapore combined in 2016.

Our commercial analytics shows that the city’s 11 new skyscrapers were all built in just two of Shenzhen’s three main business trade zones. The heat map also shows the gradual drift in Shenzhen’s commercial activity towards Futian and Nanshan districts, away from the older Luohu district.

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Asia's emerging mega-clusters

Asia’s emerging mega clusters will be important drivers of growth over the coming decades.

Our spatial analytics identifies clusters of cities within a radius of 100km and with a combined population greater than 5 million. These clusters are driving key trends ranging from the emergence of retail chains to inter-city rail and dormitory cities to infrastructure demand.

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Visualising Asia's commercial future

Asia suffers from a shortage of high-quality data. Leading firms will apply data analytics to visualise their business landscape.

The next generation of business intelligence will find ways to combine private and public sources of data in ways that help explain what’s happening at ground-level in Asia, not just at 30,000 feet, from the scale of sub-regional markets in China to splits between online and offline sales in India.

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Alibaba's India opportunity

The "Made-for-India" model will have big implications for e-commerce in the region's emerging markets.

The prospect of Alibaba competing directly with Amazon in India is a blockbuster. It’s a battle of the online giants across India’s vast consumer landscape. More practically though, it offers a test of whether Alibaba’s model is relevant for another large emerging market country.

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