China's Belt and Road Initiative

China’s Belt and Road initiative has captured global headlines, and rightly so.

China's initiative will drive China’s commercial and political relations with its near neighbours, from Asia to Europe, over the coming decade. But for all the focus on government policy, market forces are equally critical and if you supply, partner, or compete with Chinese companies in Asia, then the strategy matters.

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The future for MNCs in ASEAN

How are CEO’s at leading multinationals responding to ASEAN’s opportunities and challenges?

How should we think about the ASEAN opportunity? Silk Road Associates recently co-authored a report with KPMG interviewing eight C-level executives at leading multinationals on their thoughts. CEOs talk about the region’s growing opportunities, but also its fragmentation.

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Asia's markets demand agility

Asia's rapid growth and nimble local companies demand an agile response.

Agility is increasingly important to success in today's Asia: fast growing markets, digital technologies, and rising costs are just some of the disruptive influences. But it’s the rise of Asia’s private firms that adds real urgency to the debate. How can companies more rapidly anticipate change and then react swiftly?

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What next for MNCs in China?

Foreign CEOs talk of a China that is growing, but also growing in complexity

Silk Road Associates recently co-authored a report with KPMG examining the prospects for multinationals (MNCs) in China. The report includes interviews with 14 regional CEOs and other senior executives at some of the world's leading companies on China's commercial outlook.

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The world's processed food bowl

The maturing of Asia's processed food industry is one of the region's most overlooked developments.

Asia is known for its electronics exports, but foreign brand owners and modern trade retailers are also increasingly buying from the region's contract food manufacturers. Asia's own growing appetite for premium food products is meanwhile fuelling the rise of local  champions.

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