The Rise of the New East

The East's $27 trillion economy is the world's new centre of economic gravity

The rising East is a new global growth engine accounting for nearly half the global economy. This animated infographic offers a snapshot of the region's scale: from $27 trillion GDP to 500+ major cities to 41% global export share. What does it mean for your business?

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China builds a new Silk Road

President Xi's One Belt One Road policy has caught headlines. But what does it mean in practice?

China's efforts to develop the Silk Road region underscore how quickly the world's centre of economic gravity is shifting. But how will the policy impact  business opportunities across Asia and the Middle East? And what are the implications for China's own economy and corporate sector?

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The next 1.7 billion consumers

You have a strategy for China, India, and Africa. But what’s next? What’s the next big consumer play?

The Muslim world has 1.7 billion consumers. That’s twice the number of consumers in Africa and it accounts for nearly 30 percent of the emerging world’s total. But this isn’t just a halal story. It’s a story about digital technologies, marketing strategies and, most importantly, GUMmies.

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The agility factor in Asia's competitive markets

The need for agility is a global issue. But it is especially critical in Asia's fast changing markets.

The importance of organizational agility in Asia has never been greater. Not only are markets changing fast. But private Asian companies have long embraced uncertainty and are often faster to act than their global competitors. How can foreign companies respond more rapidly to market change?

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The future for MNCs in China

Foreign CEOs talk of a China that is growing, but also growing in complexity.

How are CEOs at major multinationals thinking about the challenges of selling to smaller cities; grappling with local competitors and digital technologies; and dealing with worsening talent shortages? Silk Road Associates recently co-authored a report with KPMG interviewing senior executives on the subject.

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