Project Advisory

Understand how commercial data empowers strategic-decision making

Our data-driven project advisory services use proprietary technology to augment our clients’ already deep understanding of their markets. We empower strategic decision makers to make faster more informed decisions.

We help our clients develop business strategies, assess project feasibility, benchmark their competitive position, and enter new markets, as they seek to capture opportunities in the emerging world’s rapidly changing value chains.

Our senior consultants apply the firm’s proprietary SRA Intelligence® to track commercial activity across the region’s 500+ major cities and identify the companies driving the change, ensuring data-driven real world insights.

Project Feasibility: We develop data-driven insights into projects ranging from business parks and logistics networks to retail branch distribution, helping clients assess opportunities.

Competitive Positioning: We provide data-driven analysis of a project’s competitive positioning using proprietary spatial and commercial analytics.

Market Entry Strategy: We support market entry strategy development by providing data-rich insights that help clients to size markets and identify gaps.

Transactional Support: We provide business and economic studies to support a transaction process for assets ranging from warehouses to toll roads.